Make yourself, share with friend (s), family, good relaxation, valuable advice, have fun! Capture the magic moments, -YOU LIVE!


An event to celebrate or just want to please her/him but you are short of idea, looking for an original gift?

Offer her/him a session of image consulting or one of the services offered below:

  • Colorimetry
  • Morpho-hairstyle
  • Makeup and self-makeup,
  • Silhouette and style,

I will help you find the service or benefits tailored to the needs of the person to whom you want to please.


The best day of your life arrives and, that day, you want to be the most beautiful, immortalize this fantastic moment!

  • Color analysis,
  • Morpho-style study
  • Makeup tests
  • Hairdressing tests
  • Make-up on D-day
  • Hairstyle on D-day
  • Shopping wedding dress

You can use all these services or make a selection of those that interest you. Custom quote on request.

Photo shoot

If you want to keep a memory of the evolution of your image, you can make a book with a professional photo.

So, treat yourself to the end of the adventure!

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