Your image , your communication , your attitudes , your gestures are the first messages you send to others. These vectors are your reputation, your image. They also make you feel good for you.

They therefore have an important weight in your personal and professional success.

Look & Moi Missions are:

  • To align your personality with your environment and changes in personal and professional
  • To adjust your behavior with your function
  • To ensure consistency between your personality with your desires but also your daily

an image in line with your personality gives you a sense of well-being, safety, confidence.


Our objectives are to meet real image problem entailed, personal change, awareness, a desire to change, a change of job, professional environment. Adapting to the new rules, the new codes resulting and your desires.

Everyone is affected, women, men, youth, executives, managers, employees, executives, job seekers, people in their first job, students. At any age, for any situation.

The reality of the image is not exceeded, on the contrary, it remains persistent. 70% of the image of a person is built from the early days in the personal as professional field.

For our methods, tips, techniques, we find customized solutions tailored to the needs of people who live a professional and personal change and must act, to train to: Prepare a promotion, assume a new function Open up to others, Manager , live in harmony with itself …

While Staying true that each person is, by attaching the only limits that meet every wish and every professional development, personal and social.

The OK or not? you just hear it once and for all and to find ways to change things:

the impact of our communication is based on:

55% on appearance

38% of forms of body language and 7% by verbal

An appearance, it is won, and this becomes your truth.? (Daniel Pennac)

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