In a full image consulting we work:

  • Colorimetry: Using fabrics that passed near your face, we identify your tone (hot or cold) and your season (winter, summer, spring or fall). You will discover the impact of color on your face.


  • The morpho-face: There are 9 face shapes. Using your photo, we look through a calculation method, the morphology of your face in order to adapt a haircut that will rebalance volumes.


  • Session makeup + course: The purpose of makeup is to enhance the face by highlighting the strengths and hiding imperfections (scars, pimples, tasks …). The makeup is natural. The choice of cosmetics is made according to your skin (reactive, sensitive ..). During the course of makeup, I make up one side of the face, you wear makeup the other. The goal is to familiarize yourself with the brushes, gestures to adopt to a successful makeup. Sorting your makeup bag (if you have one) is also part of the service.


  • The morpho-figure + style: There are 8 types of morphologies. With the photo that has been taken in the first meeting, we will be able to determine what shape you are in, define your positive and negative features. It is using wearable cuts and accessories that we will succeed in rebalancing your body and make it more harmonious. Your personality, your values and your social environment lead us to your fashion style.


  • Sorting of the wardrobe: We are many and many to have impulses to clothing purchases, to make mistakes about choosing a dress cut on color or not know with what associate. We accumulate clothes without really knowing what we will do. The sorting of the cabinet allows to take stock on what to keep or give. Of Garment Association Council you will also be made. This sorting is important because when we shop accompaniment, it allows me to advise you when you hesitate on the choice of clothing to buy. It is not worth investing in a room if you have one like it in your wardrobe.


  • Accompanying shop: After the morpho-figure study + style, I am a clothing selection in different stores where there will be rooms with good cuts and some will be voluntary errors. The goal is that you managed to identify those who do not fit you. This support shop lasts 3 hours. Everything is addressed: the colors, cuts, accessories “sham” etc …


  • At the end of image consulting, to allow you to continue to implement the tips, a look book will be provided. It is the synthesis of all the tips that have been made to you.

Everyone’s needs are different, each of these services can be provided individually or in bundled services.

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